New Years Progress Through Journaling

Are you going through a particularly rough patch in your life? Not just because of your Acting Out Kid – perhaps health issues, relationships or job stress is impinging on your ability to cope with daily life. In addition to the ideas and support I found in my StandUp Parenting support group, I started journaling.
Scientific research has proven the health benefits of journaling. When you journal you:
- decrease the symptoms of many health conditions including asthma and arthritis.
- Improve cognitive functioning
- Strengthen your immune system
- Work against the stress in your life.
How did I start journaling? I got myself a notebook (big or little – anything that I like and will use works for me now). With an ornery teen and young adult in my life, I made sure it was something I could squirrel away from prying eyes – I had a locking file cabinet that I could use as well. A friend uses his computer to set up a journaling file and I sometimes email myself my thoughts each day (I make sure my files are password protected).
I wrote. At least a sentence. At least once a day. My feelings, my fears, my hopes and dreams. I wrote about my past – childhood, marriage, education, job. I wrote prayers. I love to include inspirational bits I pick up here and there. At times I’d just list the things I’m thankful for. Thinking about the positives in my life can brings balance to my perception of my experiences.
When I combine my journaling with Group Educational Activities such as the Fantasy Family and Who Is In Charge?, I’ve found that I have a powerful method for change in my life.
So begin the New Year with baby steps towards health and healing – get back to your StandUp meetings and find ideas that will work for you.

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