Register for an Online Group

Online groups are facilitated by a StandUp Parenting trained volunteer. Online groups will be offered through Citrix’s “GoToTraining” product, which allows the parent to login online to a meeting.

Step 1:
Review the System Requirements to ensure that your desktop or laptop computer is compatible with Citrix’s ‘GoToTraining’ product. You can find these requirements here.
Step 2:
Register for the “Getting Started as a StandUp Parent” webinar. This is free of charge, and will help you decide if the StandUp Parenting program will benefit you in influencing your out-of-control child’s behavior. You will be expected to fill out assessments during this session, and you will be required to submit your answers online. This is a prerequisite for joining an online group. Are you ready to begin?
Registration Button for “Getting Started as a StandUp Parent”.   Contact us if you have questions or need to request a different day or time for the webinar.
Step 3:
Once you have completed the “Getting Started” session, you can then register for Session 1 below.

The Seven Steps of StandUp Parenting will be taught and practiced in the first 8 weeks of our “Becoming a StandUp Parent” online program. “More Skills for StandUp Parents” will be practiced and reinforced in the second 8-week session. Skills for dealing with out of control behaviors will be developed each week through action plans and educational activities.

Session 1: “Becoming a StandUp Parent”
First 8 weeks: Take Stock; Get It Together; Formulate a Strategy; Take Action; Stand Firm; Give and Get Support; Monitor Progress. This session will provide the foundation of the StandUp Parenting program and will provide basic skills for parenting. Click here to register.
Session 2: “More Skills for StandUp Parents”
Second 8 weeks: Practice What You Learned. This session will reinforce the skills from the first 8-week session and will help parents gain confidence and strength to address challenges and crises when they arise. Click here to register.