What to Expect

StandUp Parenting begins with an assessment of the behaviors in our children that need confronting, followed by an inventory of the strengths we see in our children as well as an evaluation of our current parenting practices. Then, each parent looks at the individual weaknesses––the unwanted behaviors and attitudes––noted in their own child, and sets about to find an incentive or deterrent that will help the child move toward a specific desired change. Next, we consider the strengths our children are displaying and make a decision to give positive feedback when we see them.

During this process, as we consider the strengths in our children as well as their unwanted behaviors and attitudes, we realize that to effect changes in our children we, the parents, must make changes in our own behaviors.

With input from parents in the group, we devise a plan based on both strengths and weaknesses and resolve to follow through with the support of a fellow member.

We report our progress toward desired changes each week and make new plans as current problems are resolved and new situations arise.

An educational component is included in each meeting, as well.