How to Start a Group in Your Area

If you are interested in starting a face-to-face parent support group in your area, we can help! Here is what you will need to do:

  1. Find a few families (other family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, parents of your children’s friends), guidance counselors, probation/juvenile officers, therapists, etc. Five families is a good starting number for a group.
    Put a mailing list together. Get names and numbers of each family willing to become StandUp community contacts.
  2. Check out the materials. We will send you the materials necessary to get you started. Knowing the material will help convince others to get involved.
    Find a meeting place. Find a public place for the group to meet and a day and time for that meeting (do not use a member’s home).
  3. Advertise. Call your local media and ask for the Community or Public Service Editor. Tell him/her what you want to do for the families in the coverage area. Call other parents in the community, and post notices in stores, schools, police stations, public and private agencies, medical offices, etc.
  4. Register your group. Registration is the only way for your group to have the credibility of using the StandUp Parenting name and becoming part of the network which refers parents to groups. Registration also covers the insurance for your meeting place and ensures that your group will receive mailings and other services provided through the StandUp Parenting headquarters.

Contact us for more information!