Let the Wind Blow

Please check out our new Books We Love section on the sidebar – we’ll add our favorites as we go. Parenting Teens With Love and Logic is a hands down winner. It falls under the category of ‘modern wisdom’. At our StandUp Parenting parent support groups we make use of a wide array of information. Some of it is cutting edge, but some is ancient. The amazing thing is how it all dovetails and blends together.
Today’s quote is a bit of older, though not ancient, wisdom:
“Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much.”
John Wayne
Those who have acting out kids of any age are aware of their ability to get us engaged – in arguments, in attempts to help/solve/suggest/advise them in their daily trauma dramas. As the book of Job says, ‘The speech of a despairing man is wind.” (Job 6:26) It’s mostly the hot air of venting. And, it will blow over. That is, if we shut our own mouths.
Enter Parenting Teens With Love and Logic – there you will find great recommendations for keeping your speach to a minimum. Better yet, log on to the StandUp Parenting website (use the link to the right), find a parent support group in your area, and get some help putting ‘low and slow’ into practice!

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